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Receive more information on current topics in automation technology.

Phoenix Contact offers you free training courses on current topics in automation technology at our training center in Bad Pyrmont. Currently, two trainings per year take place around the topic PLCnext Technology and the teaching aid - EDU AXC F 2152.

Our trainers combine current manufacturer and user knowledge with general content.
The trainings are free of charge for EduNet members. As a face-to-face training is currently not possible, we offer the training as online format this year. All you need is the training board (AXC F 2152, item number: 1046674) and a PC with a stable Internet connection.

There are 5 seats available for this training.

Training details

In this EduNet training, especially designed for universities, you will gain general knowledge about the PLCnext Ecosystem, the system architecture, the engineering tools and the interfaces to high-level languages and Function Extensions of the PLCnext Technology.

The topics in detail are structured as follows: 

  • Handling of the engineering tool PLCnext Engineer
  • Handling of the PLCnext Engineer HMI
  • Creation and basic configuration of C++ projects in Eclipse with the Phoenix Contact SDK
  • Combining IEC 61131 programs with code generated in C++ and Matlab Simulink
  • C# integration with Visual Studio
  • debugging
  • Diagnostic options, including htop, tracing and tcpdump
  • PLCnext Service Components (OPC UA Server, data logger)
  • Linux-based Function Extensions (Python, Node-Red, MQTT with Node-Red)
  • Firewall packet filter, OpenVPN (exemplary configuration)
  • Possibilities of the PLCnext Store

The training consists of a total of ten units.

Note: Due to the variety of topics, the focus of the content will be agreed with the participants at the beginning of the course. 

Course dates 2021

EduNet Training: March 29, 2021 - May 3, 2021

EduNet Online TrainingMarch 29, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingMarch 31, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 6, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 8, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 12, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 15, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 19, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 22, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingApril 29, 202108:30 - 09:45English
EduNet Online TrainingMay 3, 202108:30 - 09:45English

Another EduNet Training is planned to start in September 2021. Details will follow shortly.
Training language: English

Venue: online


Registration for EduNet training courses takes place via the EduNet learning management system.

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