Product design

The style guide sets out fundamental specifications regarding the product design for DIN rail devices, such as the colors of the plastics used and the uniform placement of our logo.

The aim of the design guidelines is to make the systemic approach of the Phoenix Contact product world highly recognizable in different applications and to increase efficiency in product creation. Branding activities therefore contribute significantly to strengthening the Phoenix Contact brand.

Technical product design

Standard interface designations  

Standard interface designations

Technical product design describes specifications for DIN rail devices, such as the designation and technical execution of interfaces, with the aim of highly systemic multipurpose use in different applications.

Standard interface designations

In the case of product descriptions, standard interface designations ensure that device interfaces are always identified consistently. These designations are used as headlines. The provide clear user orientation with respect to handling the products.



1. Service interface

  • Task: parameterization, configuration, connection of adapters, monitoring, and transmission of status signals.
  • Usually connections that are plugged in temporarily.
  • The hardware for the service interface is a type C USB.

2. Device bus

  • Task: power supply and transmission of status signals.
  • Device connection without cabling, communication via bus.

3. Network interface

  • Task: device connection to bus systems and/or networks.
  • Usually connections that are plugged in permanently.

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