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New variants of the electronic circuit breakers


PTCB bridged with CLIPLINE complete terminal blocks

[5080] Two new variants are being added to the single-channel electronic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact.

The new products have permanently set nominal currents of 1 and 8 A. Thus, the family now comprises six devices with fixed nominal current values (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 A).

In addition, there are also variants with adjustable nominal current values between 1-3 A, 1-4 A and 1-8 A. The products can be adjusted in 1 A increments.

At an overall width of only 6 mm, the single-channel device circuit breakers take up very little space. Thus, reliable protection can be ensured in a narrow space. Thanks to the possibility of bridging to the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system, you can quickly implement simple potential distribution with the new devices. The standard terminal blocks and the accessories continue to be used so that no new materials need to be qualified. Adding to existing applications is quick and easy.

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