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Protiq Marketplace starts with a powerful partner


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Protiq took a further step towards the future at the beginning of November: the 3D-print provider developed its existing e-shop into an online marketplace in which other 3D-print providers will also be able to make their range of services available in the future.

Protiq has gained the laser sintering specialist FKM Sintertechnik GmbH as its first marketplace participant. The company already has more than 20 years of practical experience in additive manufacturing, and currently produces more than 7000 orders per year across 35 facilities. This partnership is the logical conclusion of many successful years of cooperation for both 3D-print providers: "We are well aware that bundling the expertise of FKM and Protiq has always led to good results", explains Dr. Ralf Gärtner, CEO of Protiq. "We will be able to play to our strengths even more deterministically in the future and provide our customers with an even broader range of services, thanks to the marketplace." Gärtner initiated the partnership which forms the foundation of the new marketplace together with Christian Blöcher and Matthias Henkel, both CEOs of FKM Sintertechnik GmbH.

With the launch of the online marketplace, Protiq – as one of the first 3D-print providers – is reacting to the rapid growth of the industry and the new challenges arising as a result: innovative 3D-printing technologies are generating an increasing demand for additive-manufactured components in many sectors, as well as ever more diverse customer wishes, which a provider must be able to meet flexibly at all times. Both customer-specific lot-one products and the production of large product ranges are to be realized in the shortest time possible. In the future, customers will therefore be able to select the best solution for their requirements from the range of various 3D-print providers on the Protiq Marketplace and configure and order their products directly online.

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