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Surge protection for 40 mm rails


Narrow surge protection for 40 mm rail systems

[5064] The FLT-SEC-ZP combined lightning current and surge arrester protects residential buildings and multi-purpose buildings. Thanks to tool-free mounting on the 40 mm busbars, installation is quick and easy.

The universal base latch is suitable for both the 5 mm and 10 mm busbar system. This means that the combined lightning current and surge arrester can be snapped onto rails automatically without any further adjustments. In the wiring space on the grid side, it is not only selective circuit breakers and the feed-in that are now protected, but also the smart meter gateway. This means that the SPD type 1 lightning protection system that is to be installed there must be as narrow as possible. In the case of systems with multiple meters, thanks to its low overall width of 47 mm, the combined lightning current and surge arrester fits between two main fuse switches in the terminal box. The protective device is available in two versions, for buildings with and without external lightning protection. Both product versions are available for TN-S and TN-C networks.

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