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PCB connectors with crimp connection


PCB connectors with crimp connection

[5005] The new, compact PTCM connectors from Phoenix Contact enable crimp contacts to be included in the PTSM product family for the first time.

The PCB connectors in standard female connector and inverted pin version are suitable for conductor cross sections of 0.14 mm² to 0.75 mm². The secure latching mechanism with counterpart enables the latching flange to be on the side of the socket connector. The 2-pos. to 8-pos. connectors with a pitch of 2.5 mm are designed for currents up to 6 A and voltages up to 160 V, and are connection-compatible with the PTSM products with Push-in spring connection. The high current carrying capacity and compact design mean that the connection system is an ideal solution for power supply and for wire-to-wire systems.


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