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19" marshalling panels for efficient fiber-optic transmission


19-inch marshalling panels for efficient fiber-optic transmission

[5007] The new 19" marshalling panels from Phoenix Contact simplify FO cabling and are suitable for real time data transmission.

The modular design enables a variety of applications, for example in power distribution and process technology.

In a 19" module carrier across 3 rack units, the marshalling panel features space for pre-assembled module inserts with 6x LC duplex connections on 1x Q-ODC-12 unit. Users can thus realize or subsequently extend flexible solutions with up to 72 LC duplex connections. For applications requiring fewer connections, pre-assembled 19" patch bays are available with 12x LC duplex connections and 2x Q-ODC-12 units across 1 rack unit. All connections (fiber category OM1) are quickly and safely accessible via the device front.


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