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PCB terminal blocks of the same size with differing connection technology


Identically shaped PCB terminal blocks with screw or Push-in spring connection

[5015] The identically shaped TDPT PCB terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are the solution for market-specific devices in a uniform design.

Thanks to their identical size, device manufacturers are free to choose either the screw or the Push-in spring connection, without having to adapt the PCB or device design.

The PCB terminal blocks are available with pitches of 5.08 mm, 6.35 mm and 10.16 mm, and are suitable for conductor cross sections from 0.2 mm² to 16 mm². Depending on pitch and connection cross section, the PCB terminal blocks can transmit currents of up to 76 A and voltages of up to 1,000 V. All versions feature enhanced touch proofness in accordance with IEC/UL 61800-5-1.



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