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New cable glands for ex and standard areas


New cable glands for ex and standard areas

[4720] The new cable glands from Phoenix Contact now provide options for cable sealing and routing in standard and ex areas.

The cable glands for Ex applications are Ex e/Ex i-approved and meet the requirements of the ATEX and IECEx directives. This means that they guarantee maximum safety in potentially explosive industrial areas. They have a large sealing area and high strain relief forces, thanks to the laminated clamping cage principle. In vibration-proof plastic versions, the cap nut is prevented from being overtightened. The metal screw connections are also available as an EMC version with permanent contacting of the braided shield by means of grounding cones.  

The new standard cable glands are particularly suitable for applications in which cables are subjected to strong tensile forces. They safely support moving, highly flexible lines and round cables. The products, with IP68 degree of protection, are internationally approved and feature a seal on the housing, created by a molded sealing lip and O-ring. As plastic and metal versions, the glands can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to +100°C.

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