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DC charging controller for modern fast charging stations


EV Charge Control Professional DC charging controller

[5123] Two independent charging points can be operated with the EV Charge Control Professional controller from Phoenix Contact: one for fast DC charging in accordance with DIN SPEC 70121 and another for conventional AC charging as per IEC 61851-1.

It takes care of all control and communication tasks within the charging station, including visualization on the operator panel. A CHAdeMO interface can also be implemented using software modules. This controller solution for fast charging stations is particularly suitable for the public and industrial sector, such as electric charging stations along freeways.

Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, and CAN-bus interfaces can be used to flexibly combine all of the necessary charging station components in an overall system. The charging station can then be integrated in a charging park, building or energy management system. The programmable PT1000 input ensures that the controller can continuously monitor the temperature at the power contacts of the vehicle connector. Depending on the programming, the charging process can either be switched off or the charging power can be reduced in the event of overheating. The integrated 3G mobile network modem also facilitates easy remote access. The pluggable Push-in connection terminal blocks are used to complete the installation quickly without tools.

The controller, that also has 16 digital inputs and outputs, can be freely and individually programmed using the PC Worx software in accordance with international standard IEC 61131. It is thus very versatile and can be used for various requirements and system architectures. During programming, the engineering work can be reduced by using ready-made function blocks for vehicle communication that can display complete charging processes. The license for these blocks is available separately on an SD card that can also be used as a programming and configuration memory in the charging controller.

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