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Electronics housings for RPI touch displays


[5216] UCS series universal electronics housings from Phoenix Contact are now also available with ready-made cutouts for the 7 inch touch displays of Raspberry Pi boards, as well as all the standard connections for the mini computers.

Protection for safety-related systems


[5268] Safety-related systems, such as signaling systems in the railway industry, require reliable lightning and surge protection. The product requirements are increasingly changing with the advent of digitalization. Deutsche Bahn directive 819.0808 als...

High conductor pull-out values with square crimping shape


[5267] The CRIMPFOX VARIO 4S crimping tool from Phoenix Contact ensures reliable processing of insulated, uninsulated, and TWIN ferrules.

Digital data boosts efficiency in the engineering process


[5265] When it comes to optimizing and designing seamless processes in control cabinet manufacturing, the process steps and interfaces must be considered even before the actual engineering.

Tailored consulting services for process optimization


[5269] The challenges facing control cabinet manufacturers vary greatly depending on the size of the company, the customer sector, and the project requirements. Therefore, the measures for process optimization must also be tailored to take the applicati...

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility:
New Production Facilities in Germany and Poland


Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is extending its production and administrative capacities – both in Germany and in Poland.

Yaskawa and Phoenix Contact agree on a partnership for the PLCnext Technology open automation platform


The shared goal of Yaskawa, an industrial robotics and mechatronics manufacturer, and Phoenix Contact, a manufacturer of automation solutions, is to drive forward the transition away from proprietary solutions towards an open and future-proof ecosystem ...

Hybrid device connectors with knurled nut


[5206] M23 Hybrid series device connectors from Phoenix Contact are now also available with a knurled nut. This enables devices such as servo drives to be connected using either coupler or cable connectors.

Assembled PCB connectors


[5204] Various PCB connectors with crimp connection are now available from Phoenix Contact as a convenient assembled connection solution.

Compact LED signal tower


[5259] The new compact signal tower in the PSD-S 50 series extends the range of signaling solutions offered by Phoenix Contact.

556 Results

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