The basic creation of the Phoenix Contact Website is stored in an editing system.

Any specifications concerning the creation and the use of our layout constants have to be considered here.


The target groups for this web styleguide are:

  • developers who create new features, modules and applications for the Phoenix Contact Website
  • interested people who would like to know the design rules of the Phoenix Contact Website

Website and Domain Concept

The "Website and Domain Concept" can be found in the presentation below.

This Policy applies to the Corporate website, the Local websites, and the International Website as well as other websites of the Phoenix Contact Group.

Firstly, the Directive provides a brief description of the function and contents of these types of pages. Afterwards it is shown how URL's at Phoenix Contact are handled and the different URL specifics are described more precisely.

Responsible for the subject URLs is the Corporate Marketing. For specific Marketing-URLs, contact your local Content Manager.

Description Language Updated
Website and Domain Concept [PPTX, 1.75 MB] English 23.11.2016

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