Communication Guidelines

Communication Guidelines

Corporate design –
the outfit of a company

These guidelines ensure the distinctive representation of our company identity.

Creative specifications in the form of corporate design rules ensure that Phoenix Contact has a uniform corporate image. Consistent brand representation guarantees recognition and thereby a competitive advantage. Customers get a feeling of familiarity.

Here you can download communication elements for all media, in the form of both samples and templates. This data is always kept up-to-date. All specifications and templates are mandatory. Their design and contents must not be modified.

Targets and communication ethics

In addition to design, company-political, and trademark considerations, communication involves further parameters. Internal and external communication must comply with the company's guiding principles:

  • Communication materials are authentic, quality-conscious, and innovative
  • Communication materials help to boost a company's strong global and technological position
  • Communication materials build trust
  • As per the Phoenix Contact slogan, the communication message is inspiring and innovative
  • The communication message is also sincere and friendly
  • The communication message refers to customer benefits
  • The communication is free of political contents and comments

Within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we expressly avoid the following:

  • Discrimination against minorities
  • Chauvinistic images
  • Affronts to human dignity
  • Affronts to personal rights (for example religious denomination)
  • Forced or child labor
  • Morally unacceptable content
  • Personal attacks
  • Open conflict with competitors


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