Building construction

  • Cost-optimized construction, e.g. in the form of light-weight steel construction
  • Color of the steel construction: RAL 7005

Exterior walls – closed

  • Standard color of the exterior walls is white
    • Can be architectonically enhanced with corrugated aluminum profiles in RAL 9016
  • White plastered façade for masonry buildings or
  • aluminum metal profile sandwich elements
    • White shade 9006
  • Façade of control room: corrugated profiles in RAL 7005

Exterior walls –​ windows

  • Design as parapet-height ribbon windows
  • Alternative: custom design per local standard
  • Double glazing or glazing based on local energy conservation requirements
  • Window frame material:
    • PVC plastic
    • Exterior laminate in RAL 7005
    • Color-neutral glazing

Interior walls

  • Functional closed wall surfaces
    • Wall
    • Plasterboard
  • Surface
    • Exposed plaster structure
    • Painted RAL 9016 white
  • Vistas and transparency can be enhanced in places by incorporating glass elements


  • Production and logistics areas
    • Exposed rough construction, e.g. fairfaced concrete, painted in RAL 9016 white
    • Possibly enhanced in some areas with acoustic mineral fiber grid ceilings, painted RAL 9016 white
    • Exposed trapezoidal sheet metal, painted RAL 9016 white
  • Office areas
    • Mineral fiber grid ceiling
    • Painted RAL 9016 white

Floors in administration and lounge areas

  • Structural design: untreated floor construction with conventional screed
  • Office and conference rooms: anthracite-colored needle-felt covering
  • Entryways and passages such as halls, stairwells, and foyers
    • Select based on situation and functionality
    • As a rule, use anthracite-colored models
  • Kitchenettes, lounge, and canteen areas:
    PVC planking with light oak wood effect

Floors in production, warehouse, laboratory, and auxiliary rooms

  • Untreated floor construction with conventional screed
  • Test labs: conductive PVC, white-gray
  • Production and logistics areas: smoothed rough construction with surface finish
  • Special use floors are to be clarified explicitly in accordance with requirements
  • Washrooms and cleaning equipment rooms: anthracite-colored fine stoneware


  • Flat roof construction with a bitumen or foil seal (manufacturer's warranty at least > 15 years)
  • Roof lanterns for technology as required
  • Use skylights or light strips according to requirements
  • Use of renewable energy is to be looked into and, where applicable, taken into consideration in the building construction
  • Roof coverings are to be checked for walk-on stability in accordance with requirements

Sun protection

A decision on the selection of an exterior or interior sun and glare protection system, or solar-control glazing where applicable, is to be made in accordance with an ROI assessment depending on requirements.


  • Prestige entrances: aluminum-framed doors or door designs with a high glass content and finished in RAL 7035 or RAL 7005
  • Functional room partitions: wooden doors with RAL 7035 finish
  • Subordinate operations and technology rooms: steel doors with RAL 7005 finish
  • Door handles: in general, stainless steel with classic L-shape


  • No provision is made here for elevators as standard
  • Necessity is to be examined on a case-by-case basis, according to requirement and need
  • Interior fittings: functional only


  • Interior and exterior rails are to be clean-lined and functional
  • Surface galvanized and powder-coated in RAL 7005
  • In prestige areas, an optional stainless steel handrail may be added

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