Online seminars

Online seminars

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Use our online offer for current topics of automation technology.

During the EduNet online seminars, we discuss current automation technology topics via phone and Internet. Specialists from Phoenix Contact share their knowledge with universities and present their areas of expertise in short training sessions.

Participation in EduNet online seminars is free for EduNet members.

September 2020


Marketing and Project manager
Julia Böttcher
+49 5235 3-4 15 21

+49 171 7545076

Responsible for non-EU countries

Fax: +49 52 35/3-4 20 84

Marketing and Project manager
Antje Stellbrink
+49 5235 3-4 27 96

+49 151 56294266

Responsible for EU countries

Fax: +49 5235 3-42084

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