Committed to education and training

Committed to education and training

Passionate about technology

We want to make technology accessible to people. With the latest technology and industry know-how, we are here to support you at every stage – at school, college, university, and in business.

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Our focus: Phoenix Contact is committed to education and training and we take this responsibility very seriously – both within the company and on a wider social scale.

We make a real difference

Understanding technology  

Introducing people to technical topics

We are passionate about technology. We want to pass on this passion, attract young people to technology, and nurture existing interest in technology.

Therefore we work together with partners in education and training, business, associations, and politics, both nationally and internationally.

We are members of networks and have started our own initiatives. We also hold competitions and take part in education projects. We are involved in the development of literature in the education sector and work to make our knowledge accessible.

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