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Information on the current supply situation in the Phoenix Contact Group

Current information as of 2020-03-27


The global delivery situation

Imports from Asia to the headquarters in Blomberg
Importing from China is not currently under threat. Goods deliveries from India are currently not possible due to the complete shutdown.

Imports from the USA to the headquarters in Blomberg
Importing from the USA is currently via sea freight and is running smoothly.

Imports from Europe to the headquarters in Blomberg
Importing from Poland is unaffected, because the borders are open for goods traffic.


Exports from the headquarters to China
Exporting to China gradually goes back to normal. Deliveries to New Zealand and Malaysia can be resumed in Wk 14. For India, the shutdown has been extended until April 21.

Exports from the headquarters to the USA
Exporting to the USA is currently mainly via sea freight. Airfreight is only possible via partial charter now.

Exports from the headquarters to Europe
Goods deliveries to Italy remain stopped. Exporting to other European states is currently via goods traffic through open borders. Longer transit times and waiting times at the national borders may delay deliveries.


The global production situation

Phoenix Contact’s global production operations are mainly running without interruptions; the production in India has been stopped due to the shutdown ordered by the government.

Current information as of 2020-03-24

Goods deliveries to the sales subsidiaries in Italy, India, Malaysia, and New Zealand are currently stopped. In India, the sales subsidiary as well as the production have ceased operations. All the other subsidiaries continue their sales and production operations.

Current information as of 2020-03-20

All global sales subsidiaries are operating. The European UPS network continues to run. Many European borders are closed to passenger traffic, but remain open to goods traffic. Transit times may cause delays. For current waiting times, visit

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