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Units of measurement

The unit of measurement rem (root em) is used for determining the character width in relation to the font size. 1 rem equates to the width of an uppercase "M". In the PC environment, device-independent pixels are also specified in addition to the rem to simplify the development for the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). The WPF defines the device-independent pixel as being one pixel with the size of 1/96 inches (or, in other words: one pixel at a resolution of 96 dpi). The abbreviation used is px.

  • Need for conversion: If other units of measurement have to be used, the specifications in this document must be converted. The rem convention is a relative unit of measurement that relates to a fixed base factor. This base factor is the conversion factor.
    • A base factor must be defined for every application or runtime environment.
    • Example: The Scout app uses a pixel basis of 1 rem = 20 px as the base factor. The font size of 1.5 rem is therefore 1.5 * 20 px = 30 px.
  • Visual orientation: There are often differences between the development environments of invisible containers. Text is surrounded by a different amount of space depending on the environment, for example. The specifications in this style guide are therefore visual in nature. It is not always possible to apply these 1 for 1. Rather, the values must be treated in such a way that the visual impression is retained and the proportions are correct.

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  • Units of measurement

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