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Wireless communication in the PV park


Wireless communication in the PV park

[5051] The new string combiner boxes with integrated wireless modules from Phoenix Contact minimize the amount of cabling required when installing PV parks.

Data from park devices can be output over serial RS-485 interfaces and transmitted wirelessly to the central park management system. Since the Radioline wireless system allows for the set-up of mesh networks, devices can communicate with each other via repeater/slave stations.

Planners und installers have the challenge of achieving a high level of availability and performance of photovoltaic systems in regions with varying climatic conditions. The important factors here are collecting and transmitting string currents, protecting the individual modules against damage from lightning and surge voltages, and monitoring the performance of the system. Phoenix Contact is able to meet these requirements with its extensive product range while also offering individual string combiner boxes in space-saving housings.

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