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Portfolio TERMITRAB complete

[4990] These slim surge protective devices for MCR technology from Phoenix Contact's Termitrab complete product range also carry other certification marks.

In addition to the protective devices with an overall width of only 3.5 mm, the devices with a 6 mm overall width have also passed the testing requirements under the specifications of the Canadian CSA Group.

That means these surge protective devices possess a wide range of approvals that enable them to be deployed in ordinary locations in compliance with both UL and CSA specifications.
For applications in hazardous environments, such as in potentially explosive areas, select surge protection modules and remote signaling sets also have the UL Listed mark. This approval certifies them for installation in areas defined as hazardous locations up to Class I Division 2 (classification per NEC 500).

The certification marks they carry make it possible to use them without difficulty in the US and Canadian markets. System builders, operators, or insurance providers quite often stringently require UL or CSA approval in order to guarantee a consistent standard of safety. UL/CSA-tested components greatly simplify export to North America and later final acceptance testing of prefabricated control cabinets or system parts there.

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