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New firewall according to IEC 62443



[4981] The mGuard remote maintenance routers from Phoenix Contact will be even more secure:

With the new firmware 8.5, custom firewall rules can now also be stored inside and outside of the VPN tunnel for routers belonging to device class 2000.

The security of remote maintenance components will be significantly improved as a result. This means that they can also be used as full-fledged, inexpensive security components in machines and systems. The security needs of the machine operator have been taken into consideration along with those of the machine builder.

The new functions facilitate the professional and inexpensive implementation of the Defense-in-Depth concept in accordance with ISA-99 and IEC 62443. Users currently operating class 2000 remote maintenance routers will receive the new security function free of charge as soon as they update to firmware 8.5.

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