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Roland Bent assumes leading role in Germany's “National Platform for the Future of Mobility”


Roland Bent

Roland Bent is now Head of Working Group 6 “Standardization, certification, and approval” in Germany's new “National Platform for the Future of Mobility” (NPM).

Roland Bent is the Chairman of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE (VDE|DKE), the standardization organization supported by VDE, and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Phoenix Contact. He was Vice Chairman of Working Group 4 “Standardization and certification” of the predecessor organization, the “National Platform for Electric Mobility” (NPE). In that role, he was instrumental in the successful national and international organization of a standardization framework for the market launch of electromobility.

In his new role as Chairman of NPM Working Group 6, he will continue to build upon the original activities of former Working Group 4. In addition, the group's focus will also turn to new topics such as “Networked driving”, “Automated driving”, and “Intermodal mobility concepts”. Working Group 6 also intends to address standardization and certification needs, define standardization strategies and roadmaps, monitor their implementation, and promote international harmonization in this regard. Standardization organizations are involved in the working group along with political, consumer, scientific, and business representatives. They all work very closely together to ensure the future success of sustainable mobility at national, European, and international level. A key basic requirement for this is an internationally harmonized framework of standards.

The new “National Platform for the Future of Mobility” (NPM) under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Transport has the goal of developing and promoting the implementation of intermodal solutions for sustainable, affordable, and climate-friendly mobility. It also intends to ensure that German industry maintains a strong competitive position.

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