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Torsten Janwlecke

Torsten Janwlecke  

Torsten Janwlecke

Torsten Janwlecke, born in 1965, studied electrical engineering specializing in telecommunications at the Bielefeld College of Applied Sciences as well as Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Since 2016, he has been working for Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG in Blomberg. The company is among the worldwide market leaders in the fields of electrical connection technology, electronic interface technology, and automation. It reported a turnover of around 1.97 billion euros and had a workforce of approx. 15,000 employees in 2016.

Torsten Janwlecke has held various management roles during his career, in German and Japanese firms. He was an Executive Vice President for more than ten years in the connector industry, before moving to Phoenix Contact.

He has been a Member of the Management Board since 2016 and President of the Business Area DC for the worldwide activities of device connection technology within the Group of companies. His area of work comprises collaboration with supervisory boards of subsidiary companies within the Group.

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