PHOENIX CONTACT Energy Automation GmbH

Phoenix Contact Energy Automation GmbH

Automation of energy networks

Expertise and innovation for the energy networks of the future.

Phoenix Contact is a technology and solution partner for companies involved in energy supply. Specializing in the automation of energy networks, we are actively involved in the supergrid and high-voltage grid, as well as intelligent distribution networks. Our wide range of services covers everything from complex solutions for station control engineering in transport networks up to 400 kV and automation solutions in the distribution network to supplying components for signal processing and communication.

Extensive expertise

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Originally established as Helmut Mauell GmbH, our company has over 60 years of experience in the automation of energy supply systems. As of April 2017, we have joined forces with Phoenix Contact, merging our industry and system expertise with Phoenix Contact's range of technology and products, to form Phoenix Contact Energy Automation GmbH based in Velbert, Germany, which is part of the Phoenix Contact Group.

Energy supply is changing

Offshore wind farm  

Offshore wind farm

Digitalization in the energy sector requires constant networking of energy flows and energy markets. “Open software solutions and integration platforms are becoming increasingly important for interoperable network operation. Here at Phoenix Contact we combine sound expertise in the automation and control of energy networks with essential knowledge regarding modern, secure IT communication based on secure IEC protocols,” explains Dirk Riesenberg, Global Industry Manager.

Reliable control engineering and remote control technology

High-voltage substation  

High-voltage substation

The remote control and monitoring of extensive networks places high demands on the station control engineering and remote control technology used. Our components are scalable and satisfy the stringent requirements regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as well as IT security. The constantly changing requirements in power generation mean that there is a growing demand for secure information technology and communication technology in the distribution network.

Thanks to our in-house development expertise, Phoenix Contact products and systems offer standard communication protocols, such as IEC 60870 and IEC 61850, thereby ensuring interoperability. The ongoing and systematic development of our systems, in conjunction with the implementation of recognized standards, enables you to implement future-proof solutions. Phoenix Contact is your experienced partner for the supply of energy, gas, water, and district heating, and also when it comes to industrial automation and building services management.

Comprehensive product and service portfolio

Products and services  

Products and services

From electromechanical special relays, such as drop indicator relays, to electronic warning systems and solutions for communication and automation technology, we create reliable solution concepts for stable energy supply.

With our products, technologies, and services, we are here to assist you with your projects. If desired, we will handle the entire system integration as well as complete product management up to and including documented acceptance. In addition to the long-term supply availability of system components over the entire lifetime of the system, you can also benefit from our expertise with services such as patch management and remote maintenance concepts.

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