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The contents of our website have been created with meticulous care and based on current knowledge. However, we are only responsible for them within the framework of the general laws. As a service provider, we are liable for third-party contents at the earliest from the date of knowledge of a specific infringement. We reserve the right to fully or partially change or delete contents as far as legal obligations remain unaffected thereof.

Contents of third-party services, to which we refer directly or indirectly, are beyond our responsibility and we do not adopt them as our own. At the time the link was set, infringing contents of the linked services were not apparent to us. Since we have no influence of any kind on the current and future design of the contents of the linked services, we expressly distance ourselves from all contents of the linked services that have been modified after the link was set. The provider of the linked service is solely liable for all contents and in particular for damages resulting from the use of the retrievable information in the linked services. If we become aware of illegal, unlawful or inaccurate contents of services to which we link, we will remove the link.

All contents shown are subject to the provisions of the Copyright and Trademark Law. Any use, duplication, public access and other application are subject to the rights of the respective author or rights holder. The (partial) presentation in external frames or similar references, etc, shall only be allowed, to the extent permitted by law, with our prior consent.

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Data protection declaration

Description Language Updated
Data protection declaration [PDF]

Applies to:

  • PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbH
German, English 10.09.2019
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Information on the processing of personal data pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Description Language Updated
Registration web portal [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Registration Newsletter [PDF] German, English 23.10.2018
General contact [PDF] German, English 01.03.2019
Seminar or event registration [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Event management (eUNIQUE/VENTARI) [PDF] German, English 25.01.2019
Use of the PROFICLOUD [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Customer Relationship Management [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Order processing [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Supplier Management / Order Processing [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Application data [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
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Description Language Updated
Use of our blogs [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Video surveillance [PDF] German, English 25.05.2018
Web tracking [PDF] German, English 01.06.2019
Surveys [PDF] German, English 25.06.2018
Knowledge Base [PDF] German, English 25.06.2018

Disagree to the use of visit data

Click on the following link to disagree to the use of anonymous details of your visit. See data protection statement for further details.

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Terms of Use for Works by PHOENIX CONTACT

Description Language Updated
Terms of Use for Works by PHOENIX CONTACT [PDF, 65 KB]

Applies to:

English 01.02.2018
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Environmental Compliance Standard

The Phoenix Contact Environmental Compliance Standard contains only bans and restrictions of substances that generally apply to articles or specifically to articles of the electric and electronic industry. The standard is based on the applicable European legal requirements as well as German law. Bans concerning the use of substances and preparations are not part of this standard.

This standard needs to be observed for all delivery items that remain in Phoenix Contact products. It does not release from other applicable international, European and national legal regulations.

Description Language Updated
Environmental Compliance Standard [PDF]

Applies to:

German/English 01.08.2019
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