Power Supplies Extended Warranty

Power Supplies 5-Year Extended Warranty

Install a PLUGTRAB SEC surge protection with your power supply and extend the warranty to 5 years

Solution-focused power supplies extended warranty

A first of its kind in the market, industry-leading Power Supplies Five-Year Extended Warranty option allows customers to extend the standard warranty to five years when used in conjunction with a surge protection device from the Phoenix Contact range.

By installing the upstream Plugtrab SPD, the Power supply is protected. And, if or when the Plugtrab fails, one can simply replace the pluggable module. This will provide increased protection and life by reducing the peak voltage generated by switching devices and ensure no downtime for the power supply.

The warranty applies to the Quint, TRIO and UNO power supplies range.

Surge Protection for Power Supplies

Surge Protection for 1 Phase Power Supply

Surge Protection for 1 Phase Power Supply QUINT/TRIO/UNO

Type 2/3 surge protection, consisting of protective plug and base element, with integrated status indicator and remote signaling for single-phase power supply networks. Nominal voltage 230 V AC/DC.

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Surge Protection for Power Supplies

3 Phase Power Supply Quint / TRIO

Plug-in device protection, according to type 3/class III, for 3-phase power supply networks with separate N and PE (5-conductor system: L1, L2, L3, N, PE), with integrated surge-proof fuse and remote indication contact.

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Terms & Conditions

Phoenix Contact Ltd warrants the power supplies listed for 5 years after purchase from Phoenix Contact or by its authorized distributors.

This warranty extends only to power supplies Quint/TRIO/UNO which are installed with PLUGTRAB SEC surge protection.

UPS products, energy storage devices such as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries and Lithium Ion batteries are excluded from this warranty.

Customer shall promptly notify Phoenix Contact using the RMA process of any Product failure or defect, with reasonable detail as to the nature of the failure or defect.

The five (5) year warranty shall be voided in the following circumstances: Failure to adhere to the terms of this warranty; misuse; improper operations; improper installation; improper maintenance; alteration or modification of the Product; damage to the Product resulting from an accident; or unusual degradation of the Product or parts due to an unsuitable installation environment.

Phoenix Contact, warrants the Quint/TRIO/UNO Power Supply during a five (5) year period from date of the invoice, provided that the Power Supply Quint/TRIO/UNO is protected at the time of installation, and at all times thereafter, by the PLUGTRAB SEC surge protection device.

The warranty does not extend to defects or damage caused by use of the Goods that does not comply with the manufacturer’s instructions or standard industry practice, or any other improper use.


To discuss warranty claims or to register, contact nz-warranty@phoenixcontact.co.nz or 09 950 8495.


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