Roof-mounted systems

Roof-mounted systems

Robust and long-lasting

Make a profit from your roof – with components developed for use in roof-mounted systems.

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  • Monitoring and protecting
    Monitoring and protecting

    Reliably protect photovoltaic rooftop systems of any kind against surge voltages and disconnect them if required.

  • Micro inverters
    Micro inverters

    Phoenix Contact offers universal and easy to install connection technology for your micro inverters.

Large, slightly slanted roof surfaces provide ideal conditions for the profitable deployment of photovoltaic systems. As a result of declining panel prices and increasing energy costs, photovoltaic systems on private, commercial, and public buildings are becoming increasingly attractive, even without state subsidies.

To monitor the installations and provide permanent protection against lightning currents and surge voltages of all kinds, Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of products for roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. For maximum safety in the event of danger or maintenance, individual panels can be de-energized. For less optimal roof surfaces, micro inverters are a great alternative. The new connection system for micro inverters is suitable for universal use and particularly user-friendly.

Overview of roof-mounted systems

Roof-mounted systems

Surge protection and connection technology for roof-mounted systems


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