Micro inverters

Micro inverters

Installation made easy

With this connection system, you can connect your micro inverters on the AC and DC side such that there is a continuous connection.

Micro inverters are installed directly at the photovoltaic panels. This ensures that shadows or other performance-reducing events no longer affect other panels. This is used to achieve considerably greater yields.

Complicated interconnections of the panels are also no longer necessary. Are you looking for a universal, easy to install connection technology for your micro inverters? The connection system for micro inverters from Phoenix Contact was developed specifically to meet your requirements. It can be pre-assembled according to your requirements to enable user-friendly installation at the installation site via Plug and Play.

Your advantages

  • 3-pos. coded pin connector pattern (protection against polarity reversal)
  • Maximum reliability, thanks to SUNCLIX contacts
  • Use of micro inverters with 500 W output power possible
  • Comprehensive connection system for the AC and DC side of your micro inverters

Device connection

Micro inverter in the application  

Optimum performance at panel level thanks to micro inverters

With the SUNCLIX DC connectors as device plugs for micro inverters or for field assembly, you can also achieve high performance and maximum quality on the panel side.

AC connection technology

AC connection technology for micro inverters  

AC Y distributor specially designed for the use of micro inverters

The AC-Y connector consists of two 3-pos. connections, which are connected to each other via the trunk line without the risk of polarity reversal.

In addition to accommodating the trunk line, the coupling side also accommodates the drop line, which serves as a connection to the inverter.

Mains connection

Mains connection for micro inverters in the application  

Mains connectors enable current to be fed into the mains

The mains connectors provide the connecting link between the photovoltaic system and mains.

Depending on the system structure, the mains can be connected via the plug or coupling side of the AC-Y connector. The free cable end is either connected in a distributor box or fed into a service panel via a cable sleeve.

Connecting micro inverters

When using micro inverters, each individual panel is always operated at the optimal operating point, regardless of whether this area is partially shaded at times or not.

Additional yield of the overall system of up to 20% can be achieved by using micro inverters, as opposed to string inverter architectures. Connect your micro inverters on the DC and AC side with the Phoenix Contact connection system.

Connection technology for micro inverters

Universal connection technology for the AC and DC side of micro inverters


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