Interference-free connections

Modern technologies enable simple and interference-free connection of system parts, remote stations and substations.

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  • Networking with fiber optics
    Networking with fiber optics

    Phoenix Contact FO converters support conventional communication protocols used in remote control technology, such as PROFIBUS, Modbus/RTU, Ethernet, and the RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.

  • Networking with WLAN and Bluetooth
    Networking with WLAN and Bluetooth

    Using wireless Ethernet over WLAN and Bluetooth, you can network your system reliably and enable wireless communication with shuttles, mobile end devices or safety-related systems.

WLAN, Bluetooth, and fiber optics technologies enable the easy and interference-free connection of various system parts, remote stations, and substations. Using our robust FO converters with extended temperature range, you can achieve distances of up to 45 km. Also discover the possibilities of wireless network communication with WLAN and Bluetooth and the reliable industrial components of Phoenix Contact.


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