Solutions for IEC 61850

Solutions for IEC 61850

IEC 61850 with system

Easy and robust automation of switchgear.

A reliable, sustainable energy supply poses new challenges to society. Energy requirements will continue to grow disproportionately until 2030. Rising energy costs, scarce resources, and CO2 emissions are global factors.

New energy concepts and system approaches are needed to combat these challenges. As a partner of the energy management industry for decades, Phoenix Contact offers you a wide range of high-performance products specially developed for these tasks.

Your advantages

  • Reliable, error-free data transmission over long distances, thanks to FO technology
  • Extensive investment security, thanks to interoperable products according to IEC 61850 and IEEE network standards
  • Implement high-availability networks easily: no delays or loss of packets in the event of network component failure with the PRP redundancy module
  • The web interface enables flexible online access to the I/O system and saves time during startup, thanks to easy parameterization

IEC 61850 – standardized communication for future-proof switchgear automation

Standardized communication for energy systems: IEC 61850  

Standardized communication for energy systems: IEC 61850

Thanks to the IEC 61850 standard created by the International Electrotechnical Commission, communication and the engineering process for switchgears have been standardized worldwide.

This means that users are no longer dependent on a single manufacturer, and the variety of interfaces is decreasing significantly. By using Ethernet technology as the basis for IEC 61850 communication, you can also reduce the number of mechanical parts such as connectors and sockets.

Only three steps are required to configure the Intelligent Electrical Device (IED):

  1. Combine the IED Capability Description (.icd) with the System Specification Description (.ssd).
  2. Download the generated Substation Configuration Description (.scd) to the IED.
  3. Link I/Os via the web interface.

Particularly easy communication in switchgear

Axioline F simplifies I/O communication in energy systems

Axioline F: fast, robust, easy

The modules of the Axioline F family, specially developed for use in switchgear, provide fast data processing but also a robust mechanical design.

Communicate using the intelligent connections via the MMS or fast GOOSE protocol. The I/O modules with a nominal voltage of up to 220 V DC can be used to directly connect signals from the primary technology.

Thanks to the modularity of the I/O modules, an Intelligent Electrical Device (IED) can be used easily and flexibly in line with requirements.

Network technology for switchgear

Industrial Ethernet Switches for IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613  

Industrial Ethernet Switches for IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613

Specially developed switches for use in data networks with the IEC 61850 protocol increase the consistency and uniformity of communication.

The PRP redundancy modules enable parallel network redundancy without switching time in the event of a fault and ensure the high availability of your network.

Media converters connect station technology with primary-technology-based FO IEC 61850 networks.

Cables and connectors for data communication in switchgear

Cables and plugs  

Cables and plugs

Secure data transmission is the basis for operating any switchgear. Particularly in the case of a fault, when speed is of the essence, strong electrical and magnetic fields may interfere with communication.

This is why it is so important to use the right cables, connectors, and sockets in each area. In our range you will find fiber optics (FO) and copper wires for every area of switchgear, regardless of whether that is low, medium or high voltage.

Connectors and sockets in various designs and degrees of protection ensure a safe connection. Professional tools provide support during assembly.


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Axioline F - IEC 61850

Configuring MMS communication

Axioline F - IEC 61850

Configuring GOOSE communication

Network redundancy with PRP

How the redundancy mechanism PRP works.

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