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218 Results

IBS IP RFC/LK/ILB-T - 2731364

No picture available

Evaluation Board - TPS-1 EVA BOARD - 2700881

Demo board for the TPS-1 PROFINET protocol chip

Bus coupler - FLM BK PN M12 DI 8 M12-2TX - 2736741

The PROFINET bus coupler opens a local bus for up to 16 devices. Additional functions: 100 Mbps, auto negotiation, auto crossover, SNMP, TFTP, LLDP, 8 digital inputs, channel-specific diagnostics, short-circuit/overload protection, M12 fast connection technology.

Masterboard - IBS USC4-2 - 2812209

INTERBUS Generation 4 masterboard

Termination board - IBS S7 400 DSC/I-T - 2719962

Termination board for Siemens SIMATIC® S7 400 PLCs, with electrical isolation

Bus coupler - AXL F BK PN XC - 2701222

Axioline F bus coupler for PROFINET, version for extreme conditions (including bus base module and connector)

Termination board - IBS PCI SC/I-T - 2725260

PCI master controller board with electrical isolation

Controller - ILC 131 ETH - 2700973

The Inline controller offers the option of communicating via PROFINET and Modbus/TCP. Programming is carried out using PC Worx Express or PC Worx (IEC 61131-3).

Controller - ILC 191 ME/AN - 2700074

Inline controller with integrated pulse/direction/PWM interface, RS-485/RS-422, analog inputs (0 ... 10 V), and analog outputs (0 ... 10 V), with programming options according to IEC 61131-3

Controller - ILC 151 ETH/XC - 2701141

Inline controller for use under harsh ambient conditions, with Ethernet interface for coupling to other controllers and systems, with programming options according to IEC 61131-3, complete with connector and labeling field.

218 Results


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