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SafetyBridge technology

SafetyBridge technology offers a network and control-independent safety solution. Using standard automation networks, this technology can be used to transmit and evaluate safety-related signals without the need for a safety controller. Due to the properties of the SafetyBridge protocol used, the technology can be used on different bus systems and is certified for the following networks: INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, and sercos.

How SafetyBridge technology works

With SafetyBridge technology, safety-related data packets are exchanged between the safe input modules and the output module independently of the network and controller used.

The input and output modules can therefore be freely distributed in the network.

Signal flow of safe signals

Signal flow of safe signals

The intelligent output module, also known as a logic module, can process the parameterized safety functions, e.g., emergency stop, directly.

The SafetyBridge protocol protects data transmission over the network. It is operated and monitored by the intelligent, safe logic module.

Standard control system

The standard control system copies the data and is only used as a transport medium.  

The standard control system copies the data and is only used as a transport medium.

The standard control system simply has to copy standard I/O data bidirectionally between the input and output modules. The input and output signals of the SafetyBridge modules are available to the standard control system at all times as they are transmitted in unencrypted format.

The network and controller used do not perform any safety-related tasks; in this technology they are only used as a transport medium. Therefore, although the safe data packets are copied by the controller by default, they cannot be recognized or processed by this controller as safety data. All safety functions are performed by the safe SafetyBridge modules.

The SAFECONF software enables parameterization of the safe input and output channels and creation of the safety logic.

The SafetyBridge protocol

The SafetyBridge protocol is superimposed on the relevant bus protocol and therefore protects communication between the SafetyBridge modules.

It includes measures for protecting the safety-related data. The protocol detects the following errors:

  • Repetition of messages
  • Loss of messages
  • Insertion of messages
  • Incorrect order of messages
  • Destruction of messages
  • Delay of messages


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