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Safety devices

In safety technology, switching devices must be easy to handle and safe to operate – the PSR series from Phoenix Contact does just that.

Safety relays

Safety relays with forcibly guided contacts were the first components available for the safe monitoring of sensors and actuators.

They are ideal for use in applications where your machine or system only requires a few safety functions and logic operations to be implemented:

  • Emergency stop
  • Monitoring of moving safety equipment, e.g., safety doors
  • Electrosensitive protective equipment
  • Two-hand control devices up to type IIIC
  • Downtime and speed monitoring

A safety relay for the safe monitoring of functions in machines and systems is based on relay technology with forcibly guided contacts according to EN 50205.

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Forcibly guided contacts

In a safety device with integrated monitoring, forced guidance is used for error detection.

Serious errors, such as the welding of contacts, are therefore reliably detected and a high level of safety is achieved.

Operating principle of forcibly guided contacts
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Safety devices and functional safety

Category 4 safety relay with redundant structure  

Category 4 safety relay with redundant structure

The safety device is a subsystem that forms the logic part of a safety function and must therefore correspond to the new safety requirements. As part of the certification process, the following features of the switching device are checked, evaluated, and validated:

  • Correct design
  • Mean time to dangerous failure (MTTFd)
  • Diagnostic coverage (DC)
  • Common cause failure (CCF)
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Intelligent safety devices

In changing safety technology, the requirements of the new safety standards can now be met with modern technology. The new configurable safety devices offer more safety functions in a narrow design.

All the safety functions in a machine or a system can be implemented with just one safety-related switching device.

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