Routers and Layer 3 switches

Routers and Layer 3 switches

Compact and flexible

Maximum diagnostics in the minimum amount of space

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Industrial routers and Layer 3 switches from Phoenix Contact can be used to integrate machines, production systems or entire subnetworks into the higher-level company network. The Managed Switches with a modular design from Phoenix Contact form the backbone of your automation application. The switch with NAT routing function combines the properties of a Managed Switch with those of a 1:1 NAT router – in a single DIN rail device.

Your advantages

  • Optimum network structure, thanks to segmentation via Layer 3 switches
  • Easy connection of machines to the production network irrespective of the address area, thanks to 1:1 NAT
  • Integration of systems with the same IP address areas in higher-level networks with 1:1 NAT
  • Connection of several subnetworks via various different types of media, thanks to Layer 3 function and wide range of media

Future-proof networks with a wide range of media

Various media for connection to the Managed Switch with modular design  

Flexible automation with a wide range of media

Benefit from the advantages of various media – using a single device. Thanks to their modular design, Gigabit Modular Switches meet the demands of industrial applications with regard to ports.

In addition, they support numerous protocols and standards:

  • IT standard protocols
  • All common Gigabit and Fast Ethernet standards
  • PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™ automation protocols

Layer 3 function for intelligent communication

Network construction with switches at Layer 3 level  

Automation with modular switches and Layer 3 function

VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) is the keyword when it comes to managing multiple routers redundantly.

By inserting an SD Flash card with a Layer 3 license, you can integrate these functions into the modular Gigabit switch from Phoenix Contact.

This means that you can implement port-specific routing up to 28 times or operate multiple routers redundantly.

Efficiency in a small amount of space

NAT routing function in a narrow design  

Compact design for space-saving installation in the control cabinet

Routing and switching are important functions for error-free data exchange in Ethernet networks. The FL NAT SMN 8TX combines both functions in a single, narrow device.

Make the most of the potential savings for your automation.

Cost-effective integration in higher-level networks – with virtual addressing (NAT)

System with multiple production cells, controlled via switch with NAT routing function  

1:1 NAT routers control multiple production cells with the same IP address areas

If identical machines are operated in parallel in a network, each machine must be configured individually. This is the only way that they can be integrated into the higher-level communication network.

Do you want to save configuration time?

With 1:1 NAT (Network Address Translation) you can operate entire production cells with the same IP address area – without having to configure the machines individually.


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