Push-in connection

Push-in connection

Easy insertion

Benefit from the advantages of Push-in direct connection technology: insertion forces reduced by up to 50 percent and tool-free wiring.

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  • Component terminal blocks
    Component terminal blocks

    Perform switching tasks individually, flexibly, and clearly – with the right component terminal blocks.

  • Disconnect and knife disconnect terminal blocks
    Disconnect and knife disconnect terminal blocks

    Disconnect circuits and detect malfunctions immediately. Various function plugs are also available for individual assembly.

  • Distribution blocks
    Distribution blocks

    The connection-ready Push-in PTFIX distribution blocks now save even more time and space during installation.

  • Feed-through terminal blocks
    Feed-through terminal blocks

    Connect, bridge, and label large or small conductor cross sections easily with compact feed-through terminal blocks.

  • Fuse terminal blocks
    Fuse terminal blocks

    Versatile terminal blocks for sensor technology and machine control systems: protect devices, distribute potentials, and identify faults quickly.

  • Ground terminal blocks
    Ground terminal blocks

    Quickly establish PE connections: the ground terminal blocks simply snap onto the DIN rail.

  • High-current terminal blocks
    High-current terminal blocks

    Wire large conductor cross sections up to 150 mm² easily, safely, and fast.

  • Hybrid terminal blocks
    Hybrid terminal blocks

    One terminal block – two connection methods. Benefit from the advantages of both technologies.

  • Installation terminal blocks
    Installation terminal blocks

    Particularly low-profile design, easy mounting, and free combination – clear advantages of installation terminal blocks for building technology.

  • Marshalling patchboards
    Marshalling patchboards

    Marshal signals reliably with an innovative color control system with up to 20% more packing density.

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With Push-in connection technology, you can easily connect conductors from 0.25 mm² both directly and without the need for tools. The special contact spring allows easy insertion and guarantees a high level of contact quality.

Your advantages

  • Time-saving pre-treated and solid conductor connection, thanks to tool-free direct connection technology
  • Convenient insertion, thanks to 50 percent lower insertion forces
  • Safe wiring and operation, thanks to the color-coded push button
  • Connection of all conductor types, thanks to convenient front connection
  • The conductor can be easily released – without special tools
  • Reduction in logistics costs with the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories

PT terminal blocks

PT Push-in terminal blocks  

PT Push-in terminal blocks

For the PT terminal blocks with Push-in connection technology, you can choose the ideal terminal block from 1.5 mm² to 150 mm² for every task.
Convenient connection: insert solid conductors or conductors with ferrules from 0.25 mm² into the conductor shaft. The contact spring opens automatically and provides the required pressure force against the current bar.
These terminal blocks make use of the advantages of the CLIPLINE complete system. This includes the free combination of all connection technologies and the standardized system accessories.

PTPOWER high-current terminal blocks

Easy connection using Power-Turn technology  

Easy connection using Power-Turn technology

The high-current terminal blocks with the newly developed Power-Turn connection technology provide you with the fastest and most user-friendly connection option around today for wiring large conductors. Contact conductors up to 150 mm² by simply swiveling the operating lever—done.

Alternatively, conductors can also be quickly and easily inserted directly when the lever is closed, thanks to integrated Push-in technology.

Push-in connection technology in detail

  • Direct, tool-free conductor connection for solid conductors or conductors pre-assembled with ferrules.
  • The special spring profile enables the easy insertion of solid conductors and conductors with ferrules starting from 0.25 mm² combined with maximum conductor pull-out forces.
  • Convenient insertion, thanks to 50% lower insertion forces.
  • The push button permits easy conductor release using any type of tool, without direct contact with live parts.
  • To connect stranded conductors starting from 0.14 mm² without ferrules, the button only has to be pressed during insertion.
  • Safe wiring and operation, thanks to the color-coded push button.
  • Connection of all conductor types with convenient front connection.
Push-in connection technology in detail

Push-in connection technology – consistent from the field to the controller

Push-in connection technology from Phoenix Contact allows you to wire your entire application easily and safely.

Push-in – The new insertion experience!  

Push-in – The new insertion experience!

A complete product range is available for every stage of your product, from field wiring through to power and control wiring. You can easily connect sensors and actuators, terminal blocks, and interface and automation components without using any tools.


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