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The advantages for you in detail

Current measurement without interrupting the cable

SCK cable feed-through  

Uninterrupted cable feed-through

SOLARCHECK measures the current using Hall sensors. This means that the cables are not interrupted, they are simply fed through the openings. Contact-free measurement offers many advantages:

  • Safe isolation is already ensured by the cable insulation.
  • No contact resistance as there are no additional contact points.
  • The current is always forwarded as the line circuit is not directly accessed.  

Easy and space-saving installation

SOLARCHECK device installation  

16-channel current measurement with space-saving installation

PV string monitoring is extremely easy with SOLARCHECK:

Feed the conductors through the openings in the measuring module and connect the communication cable. The 2-wire cable is also used to supply the measuring modules with power.

This means that you can supply up to eight measuring modules with one communication module – without an additional power supply unit.

With a width of just 22.5 mm, the narrow measuring module bundles the cables in a confined space. This saves space in your control cabinet.

Combine 4 and 8-channel current measuring modules to tailor the system to your application.

Flexible system expansion, thanks to optional voltage measurement

Solar panel in string configuration  

Acquire high string voltages with SOLARCHECK.

You have the option to extend your system with a voltage measurement of up to 1500 V DC.

  • Also suitable for grounded systems.
  • Suitable for PV systems with extra high system voltages
  • Flexible use, even outside the Solarcheck system
  • Optimally integrated with connection to the 8-channel current measuring module

If required, also use the voltage measuring module as a single analog module - without any need for the SOLARCHECK system.

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