PLCs in accordance with IEC 61131

PLCs in accordance with IEC 61131

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PLC which supports functional extension – the flexible control solution for every system type.

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Would you like to program in accordance with IEC 61131? Phoenix Contact provides PLCs in all performance classes in order to satisfy all of your requirements. Use our PLCs, for example in machine building and systems manufacturing applications, renewable energy or automotive applications. Utilize our PLC systems with the matching I/Os, or select a high-performance controller for maximum performance.

Your advantages

  • Communicative, thanks to integrated, freely programmable web server and a large variety of interfaces and protocols
  • Durable, thanks to the sturdy housing and EMC-resistant electronics
  • High level of flexibility and extendibility, thanks to numerous I/O modules perfectly matched to the PLC
  • Global service and support as well as short response times increase system availability

Fast and robust PLC with matching I/O system

Axiocontrol with I/O und safety modules  

PLC Axiocontrol with local Axioline F I/O und safety modules

The PLCs of the Axiocontrol range (AXC) are designed for maximum performance, easy handling, and use in harsh industrial environments. A particularly robust housing and excellent EMC properties provide the basis for this. Furthermore, they provide increased safety, thanks to an integrated uninterruptible power supply.

In combination with the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact, Axiocontrol controllers provide maximum speed, thanks to direct bus connection.

Almost all PLCs of the Axiocontrol series are also available with an extended temperature range for extreme temperatures.

PLC and I/O system for flexible and cost-effective automation

Inline station (ILC and I/Os)  

Inline PLC with local I/O terminals

Inline controllers (ILC) are the proven standard in the Phoenix Contact PLC portfolio. The PLCs support all conventional communication paths, such as Ethernet and mobile network. In addition, they can be easily extended with versatile Inline I/O modules and provide the best quality of communication with an integrated, freely programmable web server. 

The PLC system can be integrated into existing PROFINET networks easily, thanks to PROFINET-device functionality.

Redundant and safe PLCs with maximum performance

RFC460R and RFC470S PLCs  

PLCs with maximum performance for redundancy and safety

The powerful PLCs of the RFC (Remote Field Controller) family feature a diagnostics display from which you can conveniently read off status messages regarding the controller and fieldbus system. Thanks to the powerful processor, comprehensive automation tasks can be processed at maximum speed.

Ensure the continuous operation of your automated applications with the PROFINET redundancy PLCs. The high-performance PLCs establish a redundant system automatically, thanks to AutoSync Technology.

With the safety version, you can integrate safety functions of up to SIL 3 into existing systems. The use of PROFIsafe reduces wiring effort and installation time.

Software PLCs

PC Worx RT Basic und PC Worx SRT software PLCs  

Software PLCs for IPCs

The software PLC from Phoenix Contact is a cost-effective alternative to a conventional PLC. Matching your performance requirements, such an industrial PC or even a conventional Windows PC turns into a control, operation, or visualization unit in your system.

Depending on the performance requirements, select PC WORX SRT with statistically guaranteed response times for small to medium-sized tasks.

For complex automation that demands hard real time, select PC WORX RT BASIC. System operation is particularly stable as a real-time extension is installed in addition to the standard Windows operating system. This ensures the integrity and deterministic behavior of the controller.

PLC programming software

PC Worx PLC programming software, PC Worx Express, SafetyProg, and PC Worx Target for Simulink  

PLC programming software in accordance with IEC 61131 with safety and Simulink integration for numerous applications

From clear tasks with basic PLCs through to complex system automation with high-performance PLCs: you will find the right PLC programming software for your application here.

Program your PLC in accordance with IEC 61131, perform the fieldbus configuration, and conduct system diagnostics with the PC Worx software. For a fast introduction to automation with basic PLCs, we also provide the PC Worx Express software free of charge.

Transform your PLC into a safety PLC with SafetyProg, or integrate the functionalities of Matlab Simulink with PC Worx Target for Simulink.


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