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Industrial Ethernet Switches from Phoenix Contact can be used to connect your networks reliably and redundantly. Thanks to the wide range of connection technologies, you can perfectly integrate Lean Managed Switches into existing fiber optic infrastructures.

Your advantages

  • Easy integration into existing networks and flexible redundancy for all topologies, thanks to the RSTP standard
  • High availability, thanks to rapid redundancy switch-over through fast ring detection
  • Diagnostics and analysis options, thanks to integrated software functions
  • Varied connection methods for high flexibility

RSTP – redundancy for maximum flexibility

Ring structure with Lean Managed Switches  

Ring structures possible, thanks to RSTP function

Make the most of the options offered by your Industrial Ethernet solution.
RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) is a standardized mechanism which enables the mixed operation of components from various manufacturers.
Lean Managed Switches can implement meshed networks using RSTP by dispersing them into a tree structure. You can also create simple ring structures.

Lean Managed Switches offer a high level of flexibility thanks to:

  • Numerous topologies
  • Non-proprietary use
  • Automatic or manual configuration

Large Tree Support – fast switch-over and large networks

Large networks with Lean Managed Switches  

The implementation of large networks, thanks to Large Tree Support

You can even link large networks reliably and still ensure fast switch-over times: Large Tree Support increases the number of switches that can be operated under the root from 7 to 28. Since both Lean and Smart Managed Switches support this extension, you can construct mixed networks with both product ranges.

Stay fast: thanks to fast ring detection (an extension of RSTP), the switch even switches over a large network within 100 - 500 ms in the event of an error.

Lean Managed Switches with Large Tree Support offer:

  • High availability, thanks to fast switch-over time
  • Large networks with up to 56 devices in a ring
  • The possibility to create meshed networks

EtherNet/IP™ – intelligent communication

Lean Managed Switches with filter and querier functions  

Intelligent communication with filter and querier functions

Minimize the data load of your network and increase the availability of your system. Using the filter and querier functions of the Lean and Smart Managed Switches, send data only to the devices that require it.

Lean Managed Switches offer optimal support for EtherNet/IP™ networks:

  • Minimized data load, thanks to intelligent communication
  • Continuous multicast connection, event in the case of redundancy switch-over


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