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Machine lights

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The robust PLD machine lights (Phoenix Contact Lighting Devices) set the benchmark in the efficient illumination of industrial systems, using LED technology, glare-free light, diverse control options, series connection, and M12 cabling.

Your advantages

  • The 24 V supply makes servicing easier and increases safety
  • Flexible mounting, thanks to various designs and accessories
  • Install quickly and save components, thanks to M12 cabling
  • Rotatable for optimum illumination
  • Can also be used in machine tools, thanks to resistance against coolants and lubricants
  • No maintenance effort or need to change lamps, thanks to long LED service life

Little space, a lot of light

Class 100 machine lights with narrow design  

Class 100 machine lights

The class 100 PLD machine lights are characterized by a very narrow design. This means that they can be optimally integrated into the machine, even when there is little space.

As they can be rotated, these lights also provide extremely good illumination at small to medium distances from the surface that you wish to light.

Excellent illumination for every application

Class 200 machine lights  

Class 200 machine lights with 40 mm and 70 mm diameter

For medium to large distances from the target surface (approximately 1.5 m), or if the application requires greater illumination, class 200 lights are the ideal choice.

Mounting and wiring is easy with the M12 connector. Existing tube lights can be quickly and easily replaced with the machine lights with a diameter of 70 mm (retrofitting). To do so, you do not need to replace existing mounting clamps. The highly efficient lights are also available in a compact version with a diameter of 40 mm.

Optimum protection for your lights

PLD machine light with IP69 protection  

Machine lights for the strictest demands on the degree of protection

For machine and system types which place the strictest demands on the degree of protection of the installed components, this class 200 version with IP69 protection is the ideal solution.

Due to the narrow beam angle, the light is ideal for lighting smaller areas.

Fully integrated light

Class 300 machine lights  

Class 300 machine lights with innovative optics and two beam angles

Thanks to a variety of control options, the class 300 lights can be fully integrated into your machine. The machine lights with a 24 V signal can be switched on and off powerlessly via two digital inputs or they can be dimmed via a PWM signal and operated in flash mode. This means that the lights can be controlled from an existing I/O station via various bus systems and their diagnostic information can be read in (e.g., switch off in the event of excess temperature).

All class 300 PLD machine lights have very high-grade optics. This provides reliable glare control and prevents the machine operator's performance from being adversely affected, while simultaneously maximizing light yield. In addition, the optics provide very even lighting. Two different beam angles (50° and 100°) enable individual - and thus optimal - lighting.

Thanks to the series connection, the lights can be quickly wired and without much effort or material outlay. SPEEDCON M12 fast connection technology noticeably facilitates handling and speeds up the cabling process.

LED – pure efficiency for your machine lights

Innovative LED technology increases the efficiency of the machine lights  

PLD machine lights have very high-grade LEDs

Durable, economical, and especially compact - take advantage of modern LED technology in your system now.

PLD machine lights are equipped with particularly high-grade LEDs, meaning they achieve a service life of at least 65,000 hours. This reduces maintenance time and costs while keeping down energy consumption.


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