E-Mobility software

Software modules for the implementation of charging management or for integration of accounting systems with OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)

Customer-specific E-Mobility software

Let us help you set up your individual or networked charging infrastructure.

Charging controllers from Phoenix Contact have standard interfaces. You can therefore use corresponding software modules for the implementation of charging management, for intuitive user guidance, or integration into accounting systems with OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)

Your advantages

  • Design your individual charging infrastructure
  • Software modules according to IEC 61851 and ISO 15118
  • Integrate your charging station into your management system, thanks to the OCPP or SQL communication protocols

Inquire about individual solutions

Do you have a specific inquiry? If so, simply write a brief message using our inquiry form for:

  • Your software for operating your charging stations
  • Software modules for creating and expanding your application program

We'll get back to you shortly and discuss any outstanding details. You will then receive a detailed quote.

Software modules enable communication from the vehicle right through to the backend system.  

Communication between vehicle and backend systems

Software modules according to IEC 61851 and ISO 15118 enable communication between the vehicle and charging station, right through to the backend system.

Individual designs

Let us help you design your individual charging infrastructure:

Software modules forsemi-public charging infrastructurepublic charging infrastructure
Key switchx 
RFID cardxx
Smartphone appxx
Accounting systems x
Management systemsxx

Our expertise – functions

Let us help you with the different charging methods and the communication methods that go with them:

Charging methodsAC and DC
ProtocolsOCPP, SQL, CAN, Modbus RTU
InterfacesEthernet, digital IOs, serial communication (RS-485, RS-232)

Our expertise – libraries

Whatever the application, let us help you with the corresponding libraries and function blocks:

EM-CP-PPE-Mobility LibCommunication with charging controllers
EVCC BasicE-Mobility LibCommunication with charging controllers
OCPPOCPP LibCommunication with back-end systems
SQLSQL LibraryConnection to central databases
ModbusModbus LibReading energy values from measuring devices
Serial communicationCOM SerialIntegration of RFID readers


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