Charging sockets for charging stations and home charging points

Charging sockets for charging stations

The interface for mobile charging cables

Pre-assembled socket outlets for indoor and outdoor charging points.

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Our infrastructure socket outlets are used, for example, in public AC charging stations and compact wall boxes. They enable vehicles to be charged via a mobile AC charging cable. They thus enable a higher power transmission than is usually possible when charging via a normal household socket outlet. The socket outlets are pre-assembled, compact, highly flexible, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive product range for type 2 and GB/T
  • Also suitable for compact wall boxes, thanks to the space-saving design
  • Highly flexible, thanks to the modular design for front and rear mounting
  • High level of safety during the charging process, thanks to the integrated locking actuator including position recognition and manual emergency unlocking
  • Efficient power transmission and long-term stability, thanks to silver-plated contact surfaces
  • No condensation issues, thanks to the integrated drainage system with discharge nozzles
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

Charging with alternating current in accordance with mode 3, case B

Charging mode 3, case B  

Charging mode 3, case B

The AC infrastructure socket outlets are used for case B of charging mode 3. This means that mobile charging cables that are typically carried in the trunk can be connected here.

Socket outlets for Europe

Type 2 infrastructure socket outlet with hinged cover, panel mounting frame, and actuator  

Type 2 infrastructure socket outlet

The standardized type 2 infrastructure socket outlet in accordance with IEC 62196 is designed for charging in Europe. Two different versions are available from Phoenix Contact:

  • With a modular design and screw fitting on the rear of the protective cover for front and rear mounting
  • As an easy-mount version with screw fitting on the front of the protective cover for rear mounting

The easy-mount infrastructure socket outlet is attached to the housing panel with the corresponding fixing frame. This enables the easy-mount protective cover to be replaced easily without needing to open the wall box or charging station.

  • 20 A / 250 V AC (metric)
  • 20 A / 480 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 250 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 480 V AC (metric)

Socket outlets for China

Infrastructure socket outlet in accordance with GB/T standard, with actuator  

GB/T infrastructure socket outlet

The standardized infrastructure socket outlet in accordance with GB/T 20234 is designed for charging in the Chinese infrastructure. It is very similar to the type 2 infrastructure socket outlet. As specified in the standard, in addition to the locking actuator, a notch is provided for the lever of the infrastructure charging plug. In addition, every power contact has integrated temperature sensors in accordance with the new GB/T standard.

  • 20 A / 220 V AC (metric)
  • 20 A / 440 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 220 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 440 V AC (metric)

Fast, flexible mounting

The modular, space-saving design of the infrastructure socket outlets enables flexible front and rear mounting, even on compact wall boxes. A drainage tube and different types of protective covers can be installed as an option. We can supply the cable end with a step cut, pre-assembled, or compacted upon request too.

Safe charging process

Thanks to a locking actuator, the infrastructure charging plug is reliably prevented from being pulled out during the charging process. The lock is controlled via electronics integrated into the actuator, and the current state can be queried. In the event of an emergency, e.g. a power outage, the locking actuator can also be unlocked manually by opening the charging station.


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