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Optimum connection

Optimum connection

Make your devices network capable. COM servers connect serial interfaces to the Ethernet.

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In the world of automation, Ethernet offers an impressive solution for flexible and high-performance communication. However, the problem is that not all automation devices are Ethernet capable. This is where a COM server from Phoenix Contact provides a solution. You can use it to connect serial (i.e., non-Ethernet-capable) interfaces to your network.

Your advantages

  • Worldwide access to serial device data, thanks to network connection
  • Central configuration using web-based management
  • Various devices on one COM server, thanks to three serial interfaces in one device
  • Also networks Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII using gateway function

Remote maintenance with virtual COM ports

Remote maintenance with virtual COM ports  

Worldwide access to automation devices, thanks to virtual COM ports

You can also configure devices with serial interfaces from remote PCs: by using the free redirector software, you can generate a virtual COM port on the PC.

When used in combination with the COM server, it enables you to access automation devices in the Ethernet network from your PC.

Mixed Modbus networks, thanks to the gateway function

Operate mixed networks with COM servers and a gateway function  

Operate mixed networks with COM servers and a gateway function

The UNI COM server is used as a Modbus gateway in networks. It connects serial Modbus networks to Modbus TCP networks.


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