Buffer modules

Completely maintenance free

Completely maintenance free

Buffer modules bridge mains failures lasting several seconds.

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    QUINT Buffer

    The QUINT BUFFER buffer module works with maintenance-free capacitors in the case of failures lasting several seconds.

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Protect yourself against mains failures lasting several seconds with QUINT BUFFER. It is important to note that the buffer module stores the energy required for bridging in maintenance-free capacitors for 200 ms at 40 A or 8 s at 1 A load current.

Your advantages

  • Longer buffer time, thanks to integrated decoupling function
  • Rugged, thanks to reliable power supply at temperatures of -25°C to +80°C
  • Saves space: electronic switchover unit and power storage in the same housing
  • Flexible – supports operation in auto mode as well as manual adjustment

Supply power for longer

QUINT BUFFER from Phoenix Contact supplies loads with power for longer  

QUINT BUFFER supplies loads with power for longer

QUINT BUFFER is compact and bridges mains failures lasting several seconds.

Decoupling function

The buffer module from Phoenix Contact supplies selected loads with power for longer. The integrated decoupling function ensures this.

QUINT BUFFER is easy to operate. Capacitor-based power storage makes it maintenance free. In addition, the buffer module indicates when it is ready for use.

Optimized for QUINT POWER

QUINT BUFFER has adjustable output waveforms: auto mode is optimized for QUINT POWER power supplies. However, the buffer module can also be set manually – for applications behind transformers or for long cables.

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