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EV Charge Control Advanced

EV Charge Control Advanced integrates all necessary controller functions for charging an electric vehicle using an AC power grid in accordance with IEC 61851-1 Mode 3.

EVCC Advanced supports charging infrastructure for commercial vehicle fleets and parking lots

EV Charge Control and Lock Release module  

EVCC Advanced and Lock Release module

Using DIP switches, the EVCC Advanced charging controller can be put into operation for a variety of applications quickly, easily and individualized for use.

  • Adjustable charging current limitation from 6 to 80 A
  • Automatic or manual locking as well as selection of locking actuators – DC motor or magnet
  • Charging process enabling, status requests, and dynamic load management via remote access
  • Direct power meter connection via Modbus RTU

EV Lock Release - optional vehicle connector release in the event of power failure

Lock Release additional module for releasing the vehicle connector in the event of a power failure  

EV Lock Release

The EV Lock Release monitors the 12 V operating voltage of the electromotive actuator of a connector locking mechanism, directs the locking and unlocking signals and issues an unlocking pulse to the actuator if the operating voltage drops. This ensures the vehicle connector can be unplugged from the vehicle even in the event of a power failure.

Application example: Interfaces to power meters

Display of connecting current measuring devices to the interface of the EVCC Advanced  

Charging and power management with the EVCC Advanced

Efficient charging and power management requires recording actual charging current and charging power for each vehicle. The charging controller features a configurable RS-485 / Modbus RTU interface that can be used to connect various measuring devices.

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