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Surge protection device - TT-EX(I)- 24DC - 2832124

Modular terminal block with three-stage surge protection for a floating Ex-i signal circuit, separate PE connection, nominal voltage: 24 V DC, for mounting on NS 35/7.5, terminal block width: 6.2 mm, terminal block height: 54.6 mm. HART-compatible

Surge protection plug - PT 2XEX(I)-24DC-ST - 2838225

PT protective plug with protective circuit for two 2-wire floating Ex i signal circuits. Nominal voltage: 24 V DC, HART-compatible.

Surge protection base element - PT 2XEX(I)-BE - 2839279

Base element for protective plug PT with protective circuit for two 2-core floating EEx ia signal circuits. Mounting on NS 35/7.5 and NS 35/15, housing width: 17.5 mm

Type 3 surge protection device - PLT-SEC-T3-24-FM - 2905223

Pluggable device protection, according to type 3/class III, for 1-phase power supply networks with separate N and PE (3-conductor system: L1, N, PE), with integrated surge-proof fuse and remote indication contact. Also suitable for DC applications.

Surge protection plug - PT 1X2-24AC-ST - 2856058

PT protective connector with protective circuit for a 2-wire floating signal circuit. HART-compatible.

Surge protection base element - PT 1X2-BE - 2856113

Base element for protective plug PT with protective circuit for a 2-core floating signal circuit. Mounting on NS 35/7.5 und NS 35/15, housing width: 17.5 mm.

Type 2 surge protection base element - PT 1X2-BE/FM - 2920010

Base element to accept a protective plug with diagnostic and status indicator for one floating double wire

Surge protection plug - PT 1X2-24AC/FM-ST - 2920094

Surge protection plug with integrated diagnostic and status indicator on the module and remote indication contact for a 2-wire floating signal circuit.

8 Results


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