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Surge protection with 4+0 circuit


Powerful surge protection with 4+0 circuit  

Extremely narrow and powerful: the new type 2 protective device is now also available as a 4+0 version

The world's narrowest type 2 surge protective device, VALVETRAB SEC, is now also available with a 4+0 circuit.

You can use this version in TN-S and IT power supply systems. Delivering a high continuous voltage of 440 V AC, the powerful surge protective device protects your systems in the 400/690 V AC voltage level. The new type 2 protective device extends the existing SEC product range.

With 12 mm per position, the extremely compact design offers all the advantages of space-saving installation. The protective devices are pluggable, which means that they can be easily replaced during servicing. The plugs are mechanically coded, ruling out the possibility of mismatching.

The high-performance disconnect device and high-quality components ensure that your system receives uninterrupted protection. Downstream subsections are also protected thanks to the low voltage protection level.


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