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Surge protection for process technology


PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection  

Intelligent surge protection for MCR and process technology

Thanks to the PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection from Phoenix Contact, specially designed for MCR and process technology, the system operator is warned even before the system loses protection.

To do so, each voltage-limiting component in the protective plugs is continuously monitored. If the power limit is reached due to more frequent couplings, this is indicated by a yellow signal on the protective device and via remote signaling. The arresters then continue to function and your system is still protected. A replacement is, however, recommended in order to avoid unnecessary service operations. The PLUGTRAB PT-IQ protective devices are available for intrinsically safe areas. These can be installed in the Ex zone 2. The intrinsically safe protective circuits may be led up to Ex zone 0. Due to the multi-stage monitoring and signaling, the system operator is always aware of the status of the protective devices and therefore also the surge protection status of the system.


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