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New ADSL broadband routers for worldwide use


ADSL broadband routers  

ADSL broadband routers for worldwide use

Remote access via the Internet at up to 25 Mbps – the new ADSL broadband routers enable the high-speed connection of industrial Ethernet and RS-232 devices.

The routers are suitable both for short-term high-speed access in the case of servicing as well as for the permanent connection of remote stations to a central network. Where commodities that were susceptible to interference previously had to be used, now professional components can be relied upon for industrial use.


Worldwide, flexible use in industrial environments
Machines, systems or complex Ethernet networks can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time using a widely available broadband Internet connection. The ADSL broadband router enables fast, individual startup on site. In addition, both devices support all current ADSL standards. Thanks to integrated Annex A/B switchover, the devices can be easily adapted to the requirements of regional telecommunications providers.


Can be used as a modem or router
Thanks to function switchover, the devices can be used either as a modem or a router. In modem mode, the device operates as a simple DSL-to-LAN converter. A separate downstream router then handles the router and firewall functions. However, when used as a router, the device itself handles these functions, thereby eliminating the need for a separate router.


Two device versions to meet your requirements
Providing the basic functions of an industrial broadband router, the X400 version supports quick and easy startup. In contrast, the X500 version is suitable for multifunctional use and high-security network access by means of extended functions such as VPN or NAT.



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