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Surge protection is mandatory in accordance with NFPA 79 (2018 edition)


NFPA 79 (2018 edition)  

Ready for NFPA 79 (2018 edition) – Ready your machinery for the NFPA 79 with us.

Machine builders beware: surge protection is mandatory for machines in parts of the USA. Ensure that your machinery is ready for the new NFPA 79 (2018).

Machine builders and systems manufacturers who export their products to or market their products within North America are subject to the laws and regulations applicable there. NFPA 79 is the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery and thus one of the most important industry-specific standards in North America. As of the standard's current 2018 edition, surge protection is now also a mandatory component of all industrial machinery. The standard governs topics related to electricity and electronics that can result in dangerous conditions in the machine if implemented incorrectly. In order to prevent dangerous situations for personnel at the machine, any surge voltage may not cause damage to the safety circuits in the machine. Install surge protective devices for the power supply as closely to the feed-in point as possible. Select the corresponding SPD types depending on the location of the machine within the system. The VAL-US series is adapted to the requirements. Listed by UL as Type 1 devices, their installation is permitted in any location within the system.


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