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M12 circular connectors with push-pull fast locking system


M12 circular connectors with push-pull fast locking system  

M12 circular connectors with push-pull fast locking system

The Phoenix Contact range now includes the first push-pull circular connectors with cross-manufacturer connection-compatible fast locking system.

The M12 female connectors for direct PCB connection are available as one-piece versions for wave soldering (A- or D-coded), as two-piece versions for reflow soldering (A-, D- or X-coded), and as litz wire versions (A- or D-coded). On the field side, the range is rounded out by the respective connectors for assembly in either a straight or angled design. Thanks to the push-pull fast locking system, the connectors latch into place quickly and securely with a click. The connector springs back if it is not correctly latched into place. The connection compatibility ensures superior availability worldwide and enables the easy extension of existing cabling concepts. The 360° overall shielding braid ensures interference-free transmission, even under extreme mechanical stress such as shock or vibration. The circular connectors are thus particularly well suited for applications in the rail industry.


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